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Sharing Our Faith: Chris Hill

It seems to me, that Jesus tried, in very, practical ways, during his life, to explain to us, the concept, that there is a God, our creator, the creator of the multiverse, the creator of all matter and energy, in all of their forms. And that I, as a human being, have been given the ability to recognize the most important aspect of this creation. And, for me, that aspect is the knowledge and awareness of God’s love. I feel that we humans have evolved, through our mammalian ancestry, the ability to recognize the power and usefulness of this emotion we call love and that God has tried, through time, to communicate with us through this emotion.

In short, Jesus tried to explain to us that God communes and connects with us through love and that when we commune and connect with each other, using the emotion of love, God is directly involved in the communication.

It's kind of like a conference call.

So, there is always the question, how often do I want God involved in my life each day? The spectrum could be from not at all, to continuously. If my answer is not at all, then love is not for me and God is not in my life. If my answer is continuously, then I know the mental state in which I need to reside all the time. And I need help. Jesus is my guide to communing with God continuously and he offers me a very, practical, fast track solution. Since I am, by nature, a social creature, I commune with my fellow humans fairly continuously, all of my waking hours each day(just ask Kathy). If I interact in a spirit of love toward every person with whom I have contact everyday, then I am including God in my life at that time. I am including him in the discussion.

Of course, God is always present, but I think God wants me to say hello, and to understand that his or her presence is greatly for my benefit. Jesus shows me how to do this. Feeding the hungry, healing the sick, forgiving those who I feel have transgressed against me, and taking every opportunity to help others. In other words, loving God with all my heart, soul, and might and loving my neighbor as myself. In the end there can be constant communication, if I so choose. Jesus helps to keep me focused. When I stray off the path, which is a regular activity, he is there to nudge or sometimes push me back on the path, if I am listening.

And golly, just suppose that my consciousness exists after this life is over, and that it only exists within an eternal milieu{framework} of love and that this framework is the only thing that exists eternally. Wouldn’t it be hellish if I didn’t want to be there, within that creation, God’s creation.

For me, Jesus is someone who understands all of creation and who loves me. And he wants me to understand the power of this love and the reason for this love. He is someone that I can walk with, and talk with, about all of my concerns, anytime. He is a blessing to me and to everyone in this world. What a friend we have in Jesus. Amen.

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