Who was the finest teacher of your childhood or youth? What was her name? Why was she such a fine a teacher? Did he lecture with passion and eloquence like Dean Fowler when I was an undergraduate at the College of William and Mary? Did she have the magic words to expla...

Not unlike today, in Samuel’s day, people mistook the “real world “as the one ruled by those wielding the most power. Mark’s day was not much different, with the Romans firmly in command of the “real world.” When I listen to rhetoric about what people call the “real wo...

The first question asked in Scripture is not about God and it is not one of the customary list of common human questions:

Does God exist?

If God is good, why is there evil in the world?

Does prayer make a difference to God? 

The first question asked in Scripture asks none...

 On occasion this summer, I will preach from one of the 150 psalms. The first psalm that I have chosen is that oh, so loveable, Psalm 146. It opens with someone in an unmistakably good mood, clicking her heels, feeling great about life. It almost sings as it opens: “Pr...

June 1, 2018

Lectionary Scriptures, Isaiah 6:1-8, Romans 8:12-17, John 3:1-17

We all have someone or a few in our backfields, our past, who were significant in bringing us to this place in life. Who inspired you? Who filled you up with purpose? 

I’ve been fortunate to be married to a...

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