Ever been to Gilead? It is a lot closer than you might think. Walking distance from here. An easy drive. A quick flight. It is just outside and sometimes we are sitting smack in the middle of it. I have been to Gilead, but not as often as I would have liked or stayed nearly as long as I wanted. Gilead is no stranger to Scripture. In Genesis, Joseph’s brothers sell him to balm and myrrh merchants from Gilead. Deuteronomy adds Gilead to the list of properties for wilderness wanderers on the Promised Land prospectus. Sometimes in Scripture Gilead is the name of a person; it is most often a region, but, for Jeremiah, Gilead is something more. Jeremiah does not need GPS to find Gilead. For this

Breakfast with Jesus

Only recently have I been able to listen again to the Broadway musical, Les Miserables. Between taking my children and hauling numerous youth groups over the years to New York or DC to watch and then discuss this musical, I soon memorized the entire score and even now can sing most of the music in my sleep, which is the best time to hear me sing! In case you have somehow missed this musical, it adapts Victor Hugo’s story of Jean Valjean. He is a convict who has just been released from years in prison for stealing a loaf of bread to feed his starving family. As the musical begins, Valjean is set free but he is still bound, living with the label of ex-con. No one will hire him and those who fi

The Missing Voice

Before we moved from Alexandria to Atlanta, Jennell was the Executive Director of the first federally funded community health center in Northern Virginia. Many days she would come home to recount horrific stories of immigrant women who had made the treacherous journey from Central America through Mexico and into the United States. A common denominator of most stories was that these women had been raped, many on multiple occasions. They would tell Jennell such abuse was the border toll for desperate women and their children. As a white, male, who has lived most of my life with far more privilege than I deserve, I always cringe when I hear stories about the rape and the sexual exploitation of

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