Sharing Our Faith: Jessica Aguado

Why do I come to Cove? Curiosity bought me to the doorstep, but once I came in, there was a casual gentleness that made me feel at home, and a sincere inquisitiveness that made me want to keep coming back. It has unlocked an irreversible love of learning. It has challenged me and given me light in knowing that I don't need all the answers to embark on this journey called life, and allowed me to keep transforming along the way. It's no small thing to break out of a seed, but I feel that God brought me here to tear down what has been confining to me, and everyone here as a community has been a part of that. That's what we do here at Cove: we help each other grow, we take care of each other, we

Sharing Our Faith: Kelly Eplee

How does worship affect my life between Sundays? I chose this question as a challenge and a bit of fun. It quickly took me back to my very conservative church up-bringing. I was quite sincere and committed as a young Baptist guy. We had a very active youth group doing Bible studies and singing tours. We were admonished as youth to live all week like it was Sunday. Which meant we were to evangelize and be able represent our faith in a very verbal and doctrinal way. I was supposed to be saving people. This is tough stuff for any kid. In that juxtaposition/gulf between church life and mid-week life, many Baptist jokes are born. (I won’t torture and confuse you with examples!) The stakes were h

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