A Letter from our Pastor


Welcome to Cove,

Drive south along highway 29 from Charlottesville and it will not be long before you arrive in the tiny village of Covesville. Keep looking to your left after you pass the large packing plant and you will be greeted by a small brick church with a large multi-colored sign that reads: WE CHOOSE WELCOME. I invite you to come inside the historic sanctuary and experience the truth of the sign.

Cove is not a community of Christians who hide behind a catchy slogan. They live into the conviction of that sign as they welcome one another in the name of Christ. They welcome noisy toddlers and noisy adults. They welcome ardent believers and tenuous believers. They welcome people with advanced degrees and those for whom life has been the primary teacher. They welcome fluent English speakers and those trying to learn the language.

In July 2016, Cove welcomed me and my wife, Jennell. Cove also welcomed our two young adult children, Erin and Josh, even though they are young adults now living in Atlanta. You might say, “Cove had to welcome you. They had called you to be their pastor.” In one sense, you would be right, but in a larger way, not. The welcome that Jennell and I have received is true for anyone who ventures out to join this quirky, eccentric, loving, and lovely group of saints.

So, if you are interested in being a part of a justice-minded, earth-loving, compassion-sharing community-building bunch of folks, then let me be the first to say:  WELCOME TO COVE!

Grace and peace,

Gary Charles


Cove Presbyterian Church